SONG on the radio, again!

  • Nov, 2023

SONG was in the news again, featured on MyFM’s Community Spotlight this week where Joe Godin asked Miles Bowman, our Executive Director, about SONG’s incredible start to this season and some major fundraisers that are coming up.

We talked about our fundraiser the Winter WarmUP Gala being held in the Northumberland Art Gallery Nov 23 and how all the proceeds from that event would fund more kids than ever before getting free music in Northumberland from SONG.

Joe and Miles also chatted about the positive impact that music can have on mental wellness, especially in young people. Miles shared examples of seeing our students working together in our classrooms where you can see making music together helps them form long-term relationships.

The two also shared stories about the incredible talent that Northumberland Youth have to offer and how SONG is helping young people pursue music throughout their lives.