Board of Directors

Join the SONG Board

Want to use and grow the best of your skills, passion, and experience to make a difference in kids lives?

SONG is supported and sustained through its active and engaged volunteer board of directors.

Directors participate in monthly board meetings, work on committees, attend SONG events, and generously share their networks, professional expertise, and personal experience to enable SONG to:

  1. Create unparalleled learning opportunities with students
  2. Strengthen the relationship between music education and social development
  3. Ensure smart stewardship and sustainability
  4. Sing and plays a good story
  5. Raise all voices

We welcome your interest. Please email to learn more and to apply.


Alison Lester

Vice Chair

Eldie Valles


Brooke O'Donoghue


Bev Caswell


Rebecca Carman

Lori Copeland

Lisa Elliot

Laurie Gelfand

Jim Henderson