Celebrating Volunteers

SONG Concert - Dec 2018-26
Mary-Liz Clark (L) is a long-time classroom volunteer in Cobourg and now serves on the SONG Board of Directors as the Volunteer coordinator.  Leslee Argue (R) is a former SONG Board member that returns to help provide snacks at concert events.

April is National Volunteer Month in Canada, but volunteers deserve thanks and praise each and every day of the year.  The 2019 slogan for Volunteer Canada is “Lifting Communities”.  Volunteers in every community throughout Canada help to lift their communities to greater heights through their dedication of time and energy.

Former Executive Director of SONG (and our Port Hope vocal instructor), Shannon Linton puts it very succinctly:

“Our volunteers are the heart and soul of SONG.  They dedicate themselves to the children in our program, to their learning, their safety, and their joy, on a daily basis. Rehearsal volunteers, volunteers who collect and distribute snacks to each location every week, volunteers who wash, store and deliver our t-shirts at every event, our Board members who often treat SONG like a full time job, concert front of house volunteers without whose expertise we could not run our concerts…these are just some of the volunteer roles that exist in SONG and when I think of each of these roles I can see a smiling face behind every one.  There are two things about SONG that make me emotional every time I am asked to talk about them: the privilege of watching our kids blossom before our eyes, and the equal privilege of working alongside volunteers who demonstrate week after week what it means to give fully of yourself in the service of others.”

Our current Volunteer coordinator, Mary-Liz Clark, also reflects on her involvement as a classroom volunteer for many years:

“From the involvement of these consistent, loyal adults, the children gain confidence and empowerment to learn new things and take chances.  With the constancy of showing up at practices (or every concert) and being a subtle “cheerleader, you are a small but effective anchor in someone’s life, especially when they may be dealing with variables that we might not always be in tune with outwardly.   This loyal presence with the kids communicates without words, “You guys are special and I really like to observe what you can do and achieve.”  Many grown adult public figures say time and time again they had some person at church, school, or even a part time job that made them valued and encouraged in life.  As often is the case, sometimes these mentoring adults had no idea of what positive benefits are taking hold in a young person!  We on the SONG Board thank you heartily for all your efforts and also, for perhaps being a spark in some little person’s life, enabling them to gain confidence and try new endeavors.”

The official National Volunteer week is April 7-13, but our thanks to our volunteers will always spread far beyond the confines of just one week.

Thank you to our volunteers; thank you for helping to change lives one rehearsal at a time!

Who We Are

Sounds of the Next Generation (SONG) is a free, socially inclusive choral and orchestral after-school music program for under-served children and youth in Northumberland County. Inspired by El Sistema, SONG promotes social development through the pursuit of musical excellence.

What We Do

SONG is a musical community where kids can learn, create, and be part of a team. Students sing in choir and play in a strings ensemble three times a week. All instruments, music, uniforms, and healthy snacks are provided for free thanks to the generosity of our donors, sponsors, and volunteers. All the kids need to bring is their enthusiasm and curiosity!

Kids learn transferable skills, including social engagement, inclusiveness, and leadership, which opens doors and helps them achieve brighter futures.

For More Info

For information on how to sing, play, or volunteer with SONG, email Derrick at info@songprogram.org