Liner Notes 5: Meet Barb and Ron Swallow

*This story was meant to be shared right before our spring concert in May, but since that concert never happened…it landed on Facebook but then got lost in the shuffle and all the craziness of COVID.

Our volunteers are a team and family and we miss them all deeply right now.

This is Barb and Ron Swallow, two of SONG’s champions and volunteers since day 1. Barb and Ron are our concert Front of House coordinators and also prepare and print the programs for every SONG concert.

Ron and Barb Swallow

We asked them “what is your favourite thing about SONG?” and they told us:

“Over the years we have observed the children’s growth in their musical ability, in their confidence and in their social interactions. They exude joy and enthusiasm in their performances and express a love for music.

We remember the rawness of both the performers and the audience at the first Christmas concert which was held at Victoria Hall and compare it to the performances of today. The growth in all areas is AMAZING.”

Here’s what Barb and Ron have to say to anyone considering getting involved with SONG:

“SONG is a very valuable and educational free program for children in our community. We love volunteering for this organization because it is fun and totally rewarding. You can help by volunteering or by making financial donations or both.”

Any organization would be lucky to have the wonderful volunteers we have at SONG. Thank you so much to Barb and Ron and the dozens of other local individuals that make up the fabric of our program.