We are all Connected

It’s been a very strange and often difficult 4 weeks (4 years? It feels like 4 years.). At SONG we are all about social connection and social development, so it’s very hard not being in the classroom with our young musicians. We are thankful, though, for stories like this one that remind us of the deep connections music makes. We will be together again soon.

Do you remember the TV show “Who’s the Boss?” Andrew Randall, a local musician, clearly remembers the episode where Angela plays the cello. His reaction was “Oh my god, what is that? I want to play it!”

Andrew always had opportunities as a child, but when he asked to play the cello his parents had to draw the line somewhere, so the answer was no. A few years later he started high school and the CDCI West strings program entered the picture. Andrew dropped math to join that class and never looked back. As his passion and talent became fully evident, his father bought him the cello he was learning on.

Fast forward to a few months ago, when Andrew surprised us by donating that same instrument to SONG in memory of his father and in hopes of nurturing a new student’s passion for music. Though he had moved on to a different cello, his emotional attachment to this one was still very strong and it was nagging at Andrew that it was no longer being played as his dad had intended.

Having volunteered in the SONG class several times, one particular student had caught Andrew’s attention because his eyes lit up at the sight of the cello and he asked a never-ending stream of questions about it. Andrew could tell this young man was bitten by the same bug that had gotten him as a child.

Also, in an interesting twist, Andrew found out that his father had taught this young man’s uncle many years ago. That unique connection felt like the last sign Andrew needed. Without hesitation Andrew donated the cello for our SONG member Brandon to play.

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Andrew believes strongly in music being accessible to all, and says “music is music and should not be only for a certain group. Cello is especially expensive and difficult to transport, so it can be out of reach for many.”

We are so grateful to Andrew for this very meaningful donation to SONG, and the possibilities it has created for Brandon.

Enjoy this holiday weekend in whatever way you are able, and know that we are continuing to work behind the scenes to be here and ready when we are able to sing and play together again. People like Brandon inspire us to do this work, and people like Andrew continue to make it possible.