Volunteer Spotlight – Heather Stubbs

Everyone who has been to a SONG concert, rehearsal, or social event has seen Heather Stubbs. She is our accompanist, not just for one ensemble, but for EVERY SONG group, including Safe Harbour! She spends easily 20 hours a week at the piano for SONG – dedication beyond compare and she does it all with a smile!


Here’s what Heather had to say about her involvement in SONG:

 I think the single, most important thing about kids making music is that it helps them feel good about themselves.

 A few weeks after the SONG Program began, Marie and Shannon held an Open Rehearsal to show parents and the public what the program was about. I was curious, so I went along. Within five minutes I knew I had to be involved in this program. I could see Marie struggling to conduct and play the accompaniments at the same time, so I offered to accompany for rehearsals. Now I accompany Safe Harbour and all the concerts, too!

Volunteering with SONG is the most worthwhile thing I’ve ever done.

This program is not just enriching for children; it’s empowering. It gives children the opportunity to have a happier, more successful and satisfying life than they might otherwise have had. How much time have you got for me to tell you all the good things that music teaches? First, it teaches kids self management and focused attention – these are crucial skills for doing well in school and later holding down a job. It teaches cooperation and teamwork. It’s true that team sports teach these skills, too, but in a musical ensemble everybody shines, not just the big scorers. Studies show that no other human activity activates and engages the entire brain the way making music does. Music education actually helps kids grow bigger, smarter brains!

More than anything else, music teaches us to be better human beings.

We learn compassion, kindness and understanding. We touch the places in our hearts where love and beauty live. Having the opportunity to express beauty gives kids a broader, fuller sense of who they are, and who they can be. Music education helps kids to develop the confidence to do and be anything they want.”