Today, Shannon is teaching you an echo chant called “Vista”. She’ll sing a line and then you sing it back.

There is also a clapping pattern that you’ll do with Shannon – tap your knees twice, then clap your hands twice.

It might be a bit tricky at first, but you can do it! When you get good at it, you can speed it up for an extra challenge.

These are the words:

Flea fly!
Flea fly flo!
Mamma llama cuma llama cumala vista
Whoa no no no, not the vista
Essa meeny walla meeny ooh walla walla meeny
Essa meeny walla meeny ooh walla wah
Eesh billy atten dotten bo bo ba deeten dotten shhhhhhhhhh

What you’ll do in this video: sing, echo, listen

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