This song makes me feel…

Music can make you feel so many different things. Are you trying to get into a calm headspace to focus on work you need to do? Or maybe you are sad and need to listen to some music that expresses that feeling. Either way, a song can do the trick. Music has a major impact on our emotions, and can help us understand our feelings and the ways we are connected to other people.

Can you think of a song that makes you feel joyful?

How about a song that helps you feel calm?

What is a song you might listen to if you want to feel strong?

And what if you are feeling sad or lonely and just need a song to get you through that?

We all connect to different music in different ways, and that is part of the magic of it all. Today I am leaving you with a song written by Susan Passmore and the 2017-2018 members of SONG. For me it inspires hope, joy, and makes me feel strong. What does it make you feel?