The Strength of Community Part II


The community within which an organization thrives has many facets.  In our last blog post, we mentioned the wonderful support of the arts community through SONG’s connections with the Northumberland Players. 

But SONG also benefits greatly from its community ties to individuals, service clubs, and businesses.  One such business connection that stands out is the many ways that Ten Thousand Villages has supported SONG over the years. 

As a not-for-profit retail store, Ten Thousand Villages works to support artisan craftspeople in developing countries so that they are paid a fair wage for the work that they do.  Ten Thousand Villages has a focus on global community and social justice, but it also exists within our local community and seeks to be a responsible community partner in Northumberland County.

Given that several Board members of Ten Thousand Villages were instrumental in organizing the SONG program at the very beginning, it is natural that there is a strong relationship between the organizations.  Yet, over the years, Ten Thousand Villages has gone above and beyond in its support.  They have provided SONG with storage space, meeting space, a place to sell tickets to all our events at no cost, donations to all our silent auctions, and much more.  They also organize an annual fundraising day that directs 10% of sales back to SONG.

SONG is very appreciative for such strong community support from businesses and not-for-profit organizations alike.  We thank Ten Thousand Villages for its focus on supporting local community initiatives like SONG, as well as seeking greater justice for everyone in our global community.  We wish Ten Thousand Villages well in its 10th anniversary year in Cobourg and look forward to continued partnership opportunities in the years to come!