Thankfulness Abounds

For the past two seasons, Canadian recording artist, Susan Passmore of the Juno award-winning group “The Good Lovelies” has worked in our classrooms with our students.  Susan elicited words and ideas from her time with the students and transformed them into the songs “We’re on Fire” and “Find a Light”.

This wonderful collaboration culminated in an invitation on Saturday, October 5th for SONG to be the ‘opening act’ at The Good Lovelies concert in Kingston.

Kingston Good Lovelies 2

SONG students with Susan Passmore, left, and SONG Artistic Director Marie Anderson, right, during the warm up and sound check prior to the Good Lovelies concert in Kingston.

Board Member and volunteer coordinator, Mary-Liz Clark, reflected on this amazing opportunity in the days following the road trip to Kingston:

“I felt like the kids were feted and appreciated from the moment they stepped off the bus in front of the Spire (Kingston).  From looking out the bus windows to see the surroundings of a different city, walking to a downtown park to play and having their own special sound check and rehearsal with Sue Passmore – the day was an expanding and satisfying experience in every way for them. (Not to mention the wonderful sit-down dinner that the Spire’s volunteer team provided!!)

The concert audience were hugely appreciative and I almost think the kids, at first, looked a little baffled at the roar of the applause!  However, this did not daunt their enthusiasm and they performed beautifully in each song.  In my 7 years with the choir I often feel moved to tears during our local concerts; especially since I know most of the kids.  However even if one doesn’t know the children, when they perform with SONG, I feel everyone in the space feels moved about the very positive aspect of life that is nurturing kids with the arts.  The core of a program like SONG rings true when developing engaged young citizens who feel part of a community (and providing excellent programming along the way).”

Kingston Good Lovelies 3

SONG kids in performance as the opening act of the Good Lovelies concert in Kingston.

On this 2019 Thanksgiving weekend, we have so much to be thankful for:

  • seven seasons of SONG
  • for the first time, over 90 children in the program!
  • five skilled musicians on our artistic team
  • a Board that is active, engaged, and creative in their leadership
  • kind and generous donors that make it all possible

From our SONG family to yours, this holiday weekend…Happy Thanksgiving!

The SONG team

If you are able to visit our Facebook page, you can view a video from our performance with Susan Passmore!