The Power of Partnerships

Non-profit organizations like SONG survive and flourish when part of a community.  It is a wonderful juxtaposition of ideas when one notes that SONG provides community for young musicians as well as existing within a community of supportive individuals, corporations, and other organizations. Our sixth season has begun with wonderful partnerships, both new and renewed, … Continue reading The Power of Partnerships

“All My Old Lovers” raises $10,000 for SONG

On June 9th, Safe Harbour closed out the fifth season of SONG with their annual fundraising concert. This year's tongue-in-cheek theme was "All My Old Lovers," and the concert delved into the hilarity, heartbreak and hysteria inspired by memories of past loves. This year's concert was Safe Harbour's most successful fundraiser to date! Thanks to … Continue reading “All My Old Lovers” raises $10,000 for SONG