SONG’s violin players step Into the Spotlight!

SONG’s violin players are thrilled to participate in the La Jeunesse Youth Orchestra’s annual “In the Spotlight” concert on Sunday, February 22nd, 3 pm at Port Hope United Church.
violin class Feb 2015
This is an annual event where LJYO features up-and-coming players from the orchestra as soloists; however, they also feature younger string players – students of various ages who are in the early stages in their violin “journey”. There are usually around 25-30 children in this group of younger players – a combination of students from the studios of Deborah Henderson and Laurie Mitchell (director of strings for LJYO). The audience always enjoys this portion of the program because it generates tremendous respect for the effort it takes to “grow” a string player. For the SONG students, it is an opportunity to have a front row seat to watch the orchestra and soloists perform, as well as a time to experience the feeling of being part of a larger community of string players.
We thank LJYO for being so welcoming of our endeavours!