SONG is back!

Season two begins, what an exciting change! On Monday, we began at Terry Fox School in Cobourg, first with our primary class: 15 enthused children from grades 1, 2, and 3 learning rhythm names and sol-fa syllables, singing in canon, singing the melody while walking the beat, learning to sing high and low, soft and loud.

At 3:45 we met our junior group. Some of the children are returning for a second season and so we had many leaders in this group. Once we had moved through a series of vocal warm-ups, we began a new song that names many of the words for peace in languages all over the world. Before the end of the session, we were singing in three parts, clapping a sophisticated rhythmic ostinato, and starting to find the syllabic stress in the phrase. I was amazed. In one season these young singers had learned and retained so much musicality. Their singing tone is clear and true. They want to keep singing all of the songs that we have learned up until now. I am so impressed. What a great way to start the year.

On Tuesday, we had our first rehearsals at Beatrice Strong PS in Port Hope. 45 excited young singers poured into the classroom and played, sang, clapped, and danced their way through an exhilarating evening. A teacher working in the next classroom poked her head in to say “Wow! They sound amazing!” This teacher listened to us rehearsing all last year and she was very impressed by the growth these young singers are exhibiting. If this is what SONG sounds and feels like after one rehearsal, the sky’s the limit this year!

We are extremely excited about a new program starting next week, stay tuned for an update soon!

Morgan and John with violins

– posted by Marie and Shannon