Senior Choir is Creating “Awesome” Memories

It’s been six and a half years since SONG opened the doors on its first rehearsal.  Two students from that original group remain, and they reminded me recently that the rehearsal consisted of 4 kids, myself and one other volunteer.  “It was so much fun!” they both agree.  Their reaction is no surprise, as they’ve stuck with SONG ever since.

Those two students are now in high school, and along with a handful of long-time SONG members, they make up our brand new Senior Choir.  New this year, SONG offers a Senior Choir specifically for students in grade 7 and up.

So what is SONG’s Senior Choir?  Senior Choir meets once a week to sing together, and most of the singers attend SONG on the Primary Choir days to volunteer.  Senior Choir sings in harmony.  Senior Choir learns complex rhythms and languages.  And Senior Choir is recruiting!  If you know a student in grade 7 or higher who might be interested in joining a choir, please contact us at so we can invite them to come see what we’re all about.  There are no auditions and enrollment is free – everyone is welcome.

Two weeks ago, Senior Choir was invited to rehearse with the Safe Harbour Mentor Choir.  Safe Harbour sings with SONG at each of their concerts, and the students always tell us how much they love singing with and listening to Safe Harbour.  We decided that our new Senior Choir should join Safe Harbour in rehearsals once a month, in order to challenge and encourage their musicianship, and to create a deeper connection with these caring community adults.


SONG performing an open rehearsal with members of the Safe Harbour Choir

What did the Senior Choir members think of being thrown into an adult choir rehearsal?

“Are we allowed to come back here again?” one asked, her eyes wide and hopeful.

“Sure!” I said, “You’re invited again very soon.”

“Good!” she and her friend replied, “it was awesome!”

Mark our December 14th concert in your calendar as your first opportunity to see the Senior Choir perform with Safe Harbour.  I dare you not to be moved by the passion you see in these young adults.