Little Voice

Today we’re going to learn the first half of a beautiful song called “Little Voice” by Sara Bareilles.

Shannon will teach you the words and help you understand what the words mean. If you have ideas about what the words mean to you, please leave a comment below or send us a message.

Sing along, and don’t worry about making mistakes! You can go back and watch and learn as many times as you like!

Verse 1:
It’s everything I am and what I’m not
And all that I’m trying to be
This is the part where I spit it all out
And you decide what you think of me
I’m not trying to be complicated
I’m never waiting to get the last laugh
But I’ve been handing out benefits of the doubt
And I’d like a little bit back

It’s just a little voice and if you’re listening
Sometimes a little voice can say the biggest things
It’s just my little voice that I’ve been missing

What you’ll do in this video: Sing

Sing Some More

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