Liner Notes: Meet Deborah Henderson

Do you ever miss the days when you could open an album and find out all about the people and places that made the music you loved? Well, we sure do! In that spirit we’re launching our “Liner Notes” series to give you a peek behind the music here at SONG.

Deborah Henderson is our String Program Coordinator and one of our two string instructors. With more than 20 years of experience teaching violin, and a deep connection to the music community (both local and across Canada), Deborah is an invaluable member of the SONG team.


Deborah believes SONG matters because:

“I feel strongly that music is for everyone, and that ensemble playing is one of the most rewarding experiences a young person can have. With the lack of string programs in our school board, SONG is an opportunity for me to contribute one of my passions to my community.

My favourite thing about SONG has been witnessing the growth of so many of our young players and being able to help them take on new challenges in the music we work on.”

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