How “Find a Light” Was Written

In today’s video, Sue Passmore of The Good Lovelies talks about how “Find a Light” was written.

The song was full of hope and light, and could help us all find light in the dark.

Sue worked with the students of SONG to create the lyrics, making the song something that was completely their own. They also tried making their own melodies, which Sue worked into the song.

She took all of the ideas and worked on the song in sections – chorus, verses, and bridge. Rough drafts got edited down to the final versions, putting words and lines together like a puzzle. Sue ended up with a bunch of extra words and lines, which she was able to work into the bridge.

The final lyrics include:

In the dark, I find my own light
In the dark, I find my own light
When I’m scared, I scream and shout
I feel so wild I could pop, so I let it out
In the dark, I can see my light

Sometimes, I take out my heart, heart, heart
Sometimes, I just need to take a break
Sometimes, I need to yell, to be alone
Sometimes, I need to dance, I need to sing

Watch me, as I sparkle and shine, shine, shine
Watch me break free, watch me fly, fly, fly
Never give up, I know I can do this
Never give up, be true to myself

I can change my world
I just need to take a chance
Break down the wall
I have what it takes to believe
I have what it takes to be amazing

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