Does your child like music? Then these 3 videos are a must watch.

The Summer of SONG has come to an end…did you miss it? Don’t worry! These three short videos give you a perfect glimpse into all the fun we had. And the best part is, the entire set of 30 videos is permanently available on our website and our YouTube Channel. So whether your child is a SONG member or not, they can sing, play and learn along with us whenever they have 5-10 minutes to spare.

Video #1 – Seed in the Ground by Connie Kaldor

This song celebrates the magic that happens when you plant a seed – and the actions are fun!

Video #2 – The History of Strings

Have you ever thought about how violins, violas, and cellos came to be? From 4000 years ago to today, string instruments have a really neat history. Who knows how we might develop instruments going forward?

Video #3 – Sarasponda

“Sarasponda” is a song from Finland full of nonsense syllables. Marie will teach you the song, and then help you start to introduce different patterns and rhythms with your body and items you might have around your house. A rainbow might even show up!

These videos are the perfect way to put a smile on your child’s face, any time of year.