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Christmas is coming early for SONG!

A generous donor has come forward to match dollar-for-dollar the first $5,000 raised between December 1st and 24th.

Donate between December 1st and 24th and DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT for a brighter future! SONG believes that any child in Northumberland County who wishes for a music education should be given the opportunity!

A $50 gift becomes $100, a $100 gift becomes $200, and so on. Doubling your donation means opening the doors of possibility to two children instead of one. Please give by December 24th to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to double the impact of your generosity!

How to Donate:

1. Mail a cheque to: SONG, P.O. Box 67, Cobourg ON K9A 4K2 and write “Matching Gift Campaign” in the memo; or
2. Donate online at and write “Matching Gift Campaign” as your message.

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macey assisting

At SONG, we are reaching milestones! This is our 5th year of providing exceptional music education for children and youth in Northumberland County, Ontario. We cannot do it without our incredibly supportive community, nor the amazing kids who keep coming to sing their hearts out—and challenge themselves with a new instrument!

We are so thrilled for one of our long-time participants who, after four years in SONG and learning the violin with us, was recently accepted into La Jeunesse Youth Orchestra! Congratulations Macey!

Macey joined SONG when we first opened our doors in 2013. After her first year in choir, she took on learning the violin. When Macey graduated from Grade 6 at Beatrice Strong P.S. (where we run the program in Port Hope, Ontario), she continued to return to the strings class for another two years. In Grade 8, Macey showed up at every rehearsal to volunteer as a mentor to the younger children. Now in her first year at Port Hope H.S., Macey counts her continued hours of mentoring the children of SONG toward her community service credit that’s required of high school students.

“Macey is a committed volunteer and dedicated student, both at school and at the violin,” says SONG strings instructor Deborah Henderson. “She practices regularly and has learned how to get the most out of a rehearsal. The fact that she successfully auditioned for LJYO after only four years of playing is proof of this work ethic.”

At SONG, we see kids thriving and everyone is welcome—our afterschool music program is free of barriers and cost. Kids just need to bring their enthusiasm and curiosity!

Why SING CANADA HARMONY keeps us singing

kids singing stock photo

At SONG we strive to enrich lives through singing. Weve seen firsthand that when people participate in group music-making, they enjoy a greater feeling of togetherness and social wellbeing. Here are five more reasons to love singing that we find fascinating: 

1.      Singing helps to overcome fears.
2.      Singing improves communication skills.
3.      Singing releases stored tension.
4.      Singing improves posture and the immune system.
5.      Singing opens doors to music and languages of different cultures.

Were so thrilled to keep SONG singing, and we couldnt do it without the ongoing support from Sing Canada Harmony. SCH most recently awarded SONG a $1,000 scholarship for the 2017-18 seasonour 5th year of providing the best musical learning experience we possibly can for children and youth in Northumberland County. Since we opened our doors to 50 children five years ago, SCH has helped us purchase all of our choral sheet music in year one, paid for several students yearly enrollment, and helped us buy a keyboard.

This is the direct result of a nation-wide joy and passion for singing because SCH scholarships are made possible through donors that believe singing plays a vital role in the development of a healthy, creative and engaged community.  

We think so too.

When students learn music, they learn about not giving up, but rising to the challenge. Thank you SCH for all that you do in keeping our young generation in Northumberland County singing and exploring a love for music!

How does SONG make you feel?

PH SONG wordle Mar 2017
When I asked the kids in the Port Hope SONG choirs to think about the following questions:

  1. How does SONG make you feel?
  2. What is your favourite part of SONG?

The giggles, chatter and movement around the room became infectious, as all the kids seem to love when we throw something unexpected their way.

Without any discussion, they were each given a colorful post-it note and a pencil crayon and were asked to write or draw their responses to these questions.

When they were finished, we posted  their drawings and notes on the board and each child stood up to share what they had written with the group.

Mar 2017 post its

When I got home I took all of their messages and compiled them into this graphic, which puts a BIG smile on my face.

SONG makes me happy too!

  • posted by Shannon Linton, SONG Choral Facilitator

Strings in the Community

17035465_10155166630603514_714959638_n-2Our community offers some amazing learning opportunities for young string players! One of them is the Friends of Music concert series. This organization has been bringing internationally recognized Canadian artists to Port Hope for over 40 years. They have always been very welcoming to young music students, and their parents (because how else can students get to a concert?) On Sunday, February 12, four junior students from SONG’s string program attended the concert by the Cecilia String Quartet at Port Hope’s Capitol Theatre. Pictured are Brandon, and Annabella, both of whom play violin but are also learning cello.

Attending a live performance is a very different experience from listening to recorded music, or even watching on a screen. There is something special about the energy shared between the performers and the audience in real time, uninfluenced by camera work and audio engineering. The students were all very interested in watching the many techniques displayed by this fine ensemble – including some surprisingly unusual ways of playing their instruments during a piece by a contemporary Canadian composer.

One of the special features of the Friends of Music concerts is that they always host a “meet the artists” reception after the concert. We got to meet the players and enjoy some treats. This does not happen in larger centres. It gives the students the opportunity to recognize that exceptional performers are still “real people”.

Another excellent organization for young musicians is the La Jeunesse Youth Orchestra – LJYO. This group meets every Saturday from 10 am – 1 pm at Calvary Pentecostal Church in Port Hope. Students who audition for orchestra usually have an intermediate level of ability on their instrument and are committed to further developing their skills through musical challenges. As with SONG, they are supported by adult mentors, and they learn to work as a team.

Every year, LJYO puts on a concert in February called “In the Spotlight”, featuring soloists from the orchestra. In addition, they highlight the work that is being done to prepare young string students for orchestral playing.  In the first year of SONG’s string program, a group of ten students performed Twinkle for their first time at this concert. This year, five students from SONG – including one cellist! –  participated in the reading ensemble at the LJYO concert, marking a significant step forward in their progress as string players. They also got close up seats to watch the rest of the concert! Thanks to the parents and volunteers Nicole, Rebecca, Marsden and Eitan, who supported these students in this important milestone!



So much to be thankful for!

It is an enormous pleasure to be able to announce that our Strength in Numbers matching campaign surpassed it’s goal! We are unbelievably lucky to have such a supportive community, and received nearly $9,000 in donations. Add to that the $5,000 pledged by our anonymous Christmas angel, and it totals close to $14,000!

All funds donated will directly benefit the SONG music program, and we have one thing to say to all our supporters:

BSPS 2015