A moment for gratitude

In the midst of what feels like the most high-paced and frenetic fall we at SONG have ever experienced, I think it’s very important to take a moment to sit back and be thankful for the quiet but steadfast support that continues to come from organizations that have been helping us since the beginning.

The Sigma Alpha Iota People-to-People Project yet again came through with a shipment of choral music for us late this summer.  This organization has already provided us with 25 music stands, 3 violins, and another shipment of choral music.  Their generosity is a huge source of encouragement and support for SONG; every time I receive an email from their Director it puts a smile on my face not only because of their gifts but also because of the caring and compassion that is behind them.  Thank you to SAI’s People-to-People Project!

Sing Canada Harmony is the other organization that, despite not having its roots in our community, has taken a big interest in the SONG program and is dedicated to supporting us along our journey.  In September, Sing Canada Harmony provided an $800 scholarship to purchase music for the kids in SONG.  With 85 kids in the program this year, SCH recognized that we will need a lot of money to purchase music.  Boy, did they come through!  We are very grateful to this group, who believe in choral singing and work tirelessly to promote it throughout the country.  Hopefully we will see some familiar SCH faces at our Christmas concert!

And finally, I would like to thank St. Andrews’ Presbyterian Church in Cobourg.  Last April, St. Andrews’ graciously donated the use of their beautiful sanctuary for SONG’s Spring Concert. The church turned out to be the perfect place for SONG, and we are so thrilled that St. Andrews’ has agreed to partner with SONG for our upcoming concerts as well.  Thank you so much for this lovely space, it means a lot to the families in our program to have a community connection with such a supportive congregation.

– posted by Shannon