We are always encouraged by study after study that shows the positive benefits of music education.  As cuts to education once again threaten core arts programs, we encourage our political leaders to remember that music opportunities in schools impact students in such a positive way.

Case in point…there is a fascinating research study out of UBC showing the relationship between music education and academic achievement and social development in children and youths.

As we prepare for our seventh season of SONG, we have seen positive changes in kids through participation in our program.  And our most senior kids who are entering high school this year still want to be part of the program.  In order to continue this positive impact, we have tweaked our program schedule for the fall to allow for a new senior choir class.  We look forward to sharing more news about the fall program as we get closer to the start of the seventh season.

But, please do have a look at this article.  And then maybe pen a letter to your MPP about the need for guaranteed arts funding in education.