As Canada celebrates National Volunteer Week (Apr 7-13), the national organization “Volunteers Canada” has chosen the theme, “Volunteers:  Lifting our Communities” and are using the image of balloons in flight.

Like all not-for-profit organizations, SONG depends on the passion and dedication of volunteers to help make the program a success.  For six years, SONG has benefited from a wealth of passion and dedication from volunteers in many different roles:  Board members, classroom volunteers, Safe Harbour mentoring choir members, special event helpers, and even small behind-the-scenes roles like snack-buyer and T-shirt coordinator.  Every hour of time donated helps to make the SONG program a place where we can focus on “changing lives, one rehearsal at a time” through music education.

In the fall of 2018, Mary Liz Clark took up the mantle of volunteer coordinator of SONG and writes the following reflection on her years as a classroom volunteer herself:

“I reflected on my own experience as a SONG classroom volunteer.  I know firsthand the difference our terrific classroom and concert volunteers make. From the involvement of these consistent, loyal adults; the children gain confidence and and empowerment to learn new things and take chances.
With the constancy of showing up at practices (or every concert) and being a subtle “cheerleader,” you are a small but effective anchor in someone’s life, especially when they may be dealing with variables that we might not always be in tune with outwardly.
This loyal presence with the kids communicates without words.  “You guys are special and I really like to observe what you can do and achieve.”  Many grown adult public figures say, time and time again, that they had some person at church, school or even a part time job that made them valued and encouraged in life.  As often is the case, sometimes these mentoring adults had no idea of what positive benefits are taking hold in a young person!  We on the SONG board thank you heartily for all your efforts and also for, perhaps, being a spark in some little person’s life, enabling them to gain confidence and try new endeavors.”


SONG is deeply indebted to all our volunteers over the past six years.  We thank them for their time and energy, and we recognize that, without their help, we could never have gotten this far!

Happy National Volunteer Week!