“It takes a village to raise a child” and indeed it takes a community to support children reaching their greatest potential. SONG is most grateful for the ongoing support of the Rotary Club of Port Hope, whose donations over the last five years total $18,000!


Each year, the Port Hope Rotarians’ donations have enabled our nonprofit organization to build capacity to reach more children with creative and attentive high-caliber music instruction. When string students expressed the desire to learn more last year, SONG responded by hiring a second strings instructor to launch the Chamber Ensemble Initiative to provide more instruction to more children and deepen their learning. The service club’s $3,000 donation this year directly supports this new initiative.

“Strings are a challenge to learn and yield many life lessons,” says SONG strings instructor Deborah Henderson. “Learning must happen in small steps with commitment and perseverance, and reward comes with time. Students learn to support one another as they learn in an ensemble and bring leadership and communication skills into the choral program.”

SONG is grateful for the Rotary Club of Port Hope and shares an “attitude of gratitude” with its students, who learn that their community has faith in them and their ability to learn and grow. Port Hope Rotarians have also hosted year-end BBQs to bring SONG and community together.

Thank you, Rotary Club of Port Hope for all that you do!