Everything about Furby House Books’ fundraiser for SONG was GREAT! 

SONG is so fortunate to have the support of a community rich in culture and the arts. Last month, Lou Pamenter of Furby House Books held a book launch and author discussion about Peter Goddard’s The Great Gould in benefit of SONG.

Our strings instructor Deborah Henderson lead an ensemble of senior string students in a beautifully moving demonstration of their significant achievements in music and performance skills. Making the event all the more special was Deborah’s mother Ruth Watson Henderson, a peer of Gould’s, playing the piano to open the afternoon. Lou invited Gould’s cousin Mary Jane Preston to introduce the event that raised $500 and was attended by SONG supporters and arts, music and book enthusiasts.

Events like this help bring community together and connect SONG with greater circles of supporters, for which we are very grateful. It shows SONG students that their community has faith in their learning and personal growth. We couldn’t do it without the generous support of our donors and community.

Thank you Lou and Furby House Books!

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