The first time I saw SONG perform, I was brought to tears by the beautiful young voices singing wholeheartedly together. That was three years ago, when SONG confidently took the stage at the Capitol Theatre in Port Hope, Ontario for an evening of stories in benefit of local outreach organization Green Wood Coalition

We all know the power of music to conjure up images and feelings. Music evokes emotions—and how and why continues to fascinate us.

At SONG, we see how singing encourages children to express their emotions and how it helps develop their ability to communicate. Among so many benefits, physically singing develops lip and tongue movement, and of course, memory. Emotionally, music can help develop empathy, understanding, and security for connecting to creativity. Socially, kids build confidence, self-esteem and friendships in group music-making.

That’s the beauty of singing collectively from a young age.

Thanks to the ongoing support from Sing Canada Harmony , SONG is able to continue providing children ages 6-13 in Northumberland County with the opportunity to engage in the joy of group ensemble singing. We are so grateful for SCH’s commitment to “enriching lives in every generation and community through the lifelong benefits of singing.” For the five years that SONG children have been singing their hearts out, Sing Canada Harmony has been there with a generous gift that is made possible by donations to SCH. 

Quite simply, music moves and frees us.  It’s happened throughout the ages.

For SONG’s 5th Annual Spring Concert on Saturday, May 26, 2018, entitled Kids 4 Kids, our choirs are rehearsing a beautiful song that became a worldwide hit. Looking at the theme of freedom and what that means, and how it affects us all, SONG will sing the Canadian Young Artists for Haiti cover of “Wavin’ Flag” by k’naan.  Cue the tears. 

 Save the date:  SONGs 5th Annual Spring Concert: Kids 4 Kids on Saturday, May 26, 2018 at 3:00pm at Trinity United Church in Cobourg, ON.

By SONG Development Coordinator, Elizabeth Palermo