In 2006, three friends came together to perform a one-time concert.  But that one time concert eventually propelled Cobourg natives, Sue Passmore and Kerri Ough (both former members of La Jeunesse Girls’ choir under the direction of Marie Anderson), and their university friend Caroline Brooks, into Canadian music stardom as the trio, “The Good Lovelies”.

With four studio albums, a pair of EP’s, a live album, and a Christmas album behind them, The Good Lovelies have become an established part of the Canadian music scene.  In March 2018, they will be continuing to take their Canadian sound to the world with a tour in Australia.

But just as generous as The Good Lovelies are with their music, they are also generous with their time.  Sue Passmore excitedly accepted an invitation from SONG Artistic Director, Marie Anderson, to come into the classroom and work with students on a song-writing project.  Sue and the SONG kids explored thoughts about the world and how we can help each other make a better world.

There were many ideas shared, but one notable moment came when a SONG student made the observation of, “how awesome I really am!”  All of the ideas being generated this winter and all the creative activities of our upcoming annual workshop are set to culminate in the spring concert on Saturday, May 26th…a concert appropriately entitled “Kids-4-Kids”.