Great things indeed come in small packages. At SONG, we’re introducing our senior violinists to chamber music—a form of classical music composed for a small group of musicians (often three or four players), each with their own part to play. Thanks to the ongoing support from the D’Addario Foundation for our instruments, we are excited to be developing our first string quartet!

Of course, with SONG, it’s not about the end result but the PROCESS. Playing strings is hard work. It takes discipline and commitment to learn the instrument. Which means, it’s empowering. We’re really connecting to the theme of empowering this semester (see last week’s blog post), with our SONG team guiding students to ultimately meet their greatest potential where the success of one means the success of the group.

Fittingly, chamber music is known as “the music of friends.” Originally played in the home, the name comes from centuries ago when small groups of musicians were hired to fit a palace “chamber.” At SONG, we see friendships blooming, along with self-confidence—musically and, most importantly, socially.

Chamber music can also teach us about collaboration and leadership—because traditionally there is no conductor! There’s one student to a part of music, and each member of the group strives to play beautifully together. Meantime, SONG is striving to create a dedicated mentorship program to see something small become something very big!

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[Photo Credit:  Nicolette Jakab]