macey assisting

At SONG, we are reaching milestones! This is our 5th year of providing exceptional music education for children and youth in Northumberland County, Ontario. We cannot do it without our incredibly supportive community, nor the amazing kids who keep coming to sing their hearts out—and challenge themselves with a new instrument!

We are so thrilled for one of our long-time participants who, after four years in SONG and learning the violin with us, was recently accepted into La Jeunesse Youth Orchestra! Congratulations Macey!

Macey joined SONG when we first opened our doors in 2013. After her first year in choir, she took on learning the violin. When Macey graduated from Grade 6 at Beatrice Strong P.S. (where we run the program in Port Hope, Ontario), she continued to return to the strings class for another two years. In Grade 8, Macey showed up at every rehearsal to volunteer as a mentor to the younger children. Now in her first year at Port Hope H.S., Macey counts her continued hours of mentoring the children of SONG toward her community service credit that’s required of high school students.

“Macey is a committed volunteer and dedicated student, both at school and at the violin,” says SONG strings instructor Deborah Henderson. “She practices regularly and has learned how to get the most out of a rehearsal. The fact that she successfully auditioned for LJYO after only four years of playing is proof of this work ethic.”

At SONG, we see kids thriving and everyone is welcome—our afterschool music program is free of barriers and cost. Kids just need to bring their enthusiasm and curiosity!