kids singing stock photo

At SONG we strive to enrich lives through singing. Weve seen firsthand that when people participate in group music-making, they enjoy a greater feeling of togetherness and social wellbeing. Here are five more reasons to love singing that we find fascinating: 

1.      Singing helps to overcome fears.
2.      Singing improves communication skills.
3.      Singing releases stored tension.
4.      Singing improves posture and the immune system.
5.      Singing opens doors to music and languages of different cultures.

Were so thrilled to keep SONG singing, and we couldnt do it without the ongoing support from Sing Canada Harmony. SCH most recently awarded SONG a $1,000 scholarship for the 2017-18 seasonour 5th year of providing the best musical learning experience we possibly can for children and youth in Northumberland County. Since we opened our doors to 50 children five years ago, SCH has helped us purchase all of our choral sheet music in year one, paid for several students yearly enrollment, and helped us buy a keyboard.

This is the direct result of a nation-wide joy and passion for singing because SCH scholarships are made possible through donors that believe singing plays a vital role in the development of a healthy, creative and engaged community.  

We think so too.

When students learn music, they learn about not giving up, but rising to the challenge. Thank you SCH for all that you do in keeping our young generation in Northumberland County singing and exploring a love for music!