SONG has just begun it’s fourth year of music-making in Northumberland County, and we want to take a moment to share four of the reasons we’re grateful for one of our biggest supporters, the Rotary Club of Port Hope.

rotary logo

#1: Breaking Bread Together
The Port Hope Rotary Club has prepared and cooked our year-end BBQ – TWICE!! This event is a favourite among SONG kids and families alike, and we couldn’t do it without the hard work and money put in by Port Hope Rotarians.

#2: Tireless Generosity
The Port Hope Rotary Club has donated to SONG every year. To support our start up. To help us start the violin program. And now, to help maintain our instruments and buy music for all our SONGsters. That’s commitment!

#3: Helpful and Welcoming Members
Port Hope Rotarians are welcoming and friendly! We’ve visited their meetings on several occasions, and they always offer a delicious meal, an attentive audience, and helpful suggestions to help improve our upcoming projects. What more could you ask for?

#4: Great Neighbours
The Port Hope Rotary Club cares about our community, and it shows! They are at every event, rolling up their sleeves to help and working hard to raise money to keep our neighbourhood vibrant and happy. Pay attention the next time you’re at an event in Port Hope – I guarantee a Port Hope Rotarian is there pitching in!

So really, there are dozens of reasons to be thankful for the Rotary Club of Port Hope. We at SONG are lucky to have them as supporters and neighbours – thank you Rotarians!