Friday feels like the right kind of day for another SONG volunteer spotlight!

This is Donna Simard.

Donna Simard

Donna is one of the faithful violin volunteers who helps at our Cobourg location. She is a retired teacher who taught in Brampton (JK- gr.5 and Spec.Ed.) so her experience in working with younger children is an enormous asset for SONG!

Music has been an important part of Donna’s life for many years. Inspired by her 90 year old father, who played with the Donegal Fiddlers, Donna took up the violin in her retirement and comes to our intrepid Director of Beginner Strings, Deborah Henderson, for lessons and ensemble time. Donna enjoys playing songs she loves to sing! She is a member of the Shout Sister choir and her emails always have inspiring messages and quotations like:

“Sing! Dance! Laugh!” and “Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.”

Donna has enjoyed watching the learning curve of the younger students in the violin program – ‘young minds (and fingers!) learn fast’. She was truly impressed with the Christmas performance, and we were certainly grateful for her assistance with our budding violinists.

Thanks Donna! “Never Stop Learning!”