Lee Vittetow

Lee Vittetow is another of SONG’s incredible volunteers. He volunteers as a rehearsal assistant at Beatrice Strong PS twice a week, EVERY WEEK. He also sings with the Safe Harbour Chamber Choir, mentoring the SONG kids and fundraising for the program.

When asked why Lee is so committed to SONG, he told us:

“I was invited to join SONG as a volunteer working with students because I have a background in working with children and families and also am a singer. How could I resist? The mission and vision of the program was a perfect fit for me. I’ve been involved since last year and have grown to appreciate how big a part of the students’ lives their being part of SONG is. The positive changes in how our children can participate cooperatively and with great enthusiasm, learn how to help their fellow students and acquire social competencies reflects how effective the program is and the joyful dedication and skills of the program coordinators/instructors. It is a great pleasure and honor to be a part of SONG.”

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Lee!