warm up

Do you know the song? I learned it as a child—an easy chant you sing three times and finish with the phrase “the happier we’ll be”. It seems to be true that sharing food and conversation is a great way to get to know people.

We had a fine pizza dinner with our Cobourg SONG families yesterday.

Over 70 people in attendance—lots of parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, SONG board members and volunteers. A few interesting minutes at the beginning– everyone seated waiting for pizza. No pizza in sight. In the end the pizza was only 15 minutes late but that seemed like a long, long time with a room full of hungry children and tired-after-work adults.

It was great to have a chance to meet parents and siblings of our young members. As an organization, we had a chance to show our parents some of the work we do each week, beginning music readiness with our youngest members, adding responsibilities as our members move through the program. We sang some vocal warm-ups, played some games that involve waking the mind and imagination, rhythmic accuracy, sharing, connecting. We sang what we know so far of a couple of songs we will sing at our Christmas concert, and our Juniors presented the song Little People that they will sing next week at the Capitol Theatre.

We also introduced our violin program—12 young players with shiny new violins purchased with a TD MusiCounts grant, led by Deborah Henderson, whose services are paid in part by our own United Way. Next year, after one year of choral training, our newest members will have the opportunity to play violin or cello.


Thank you to our SONG Cobourg Parents Committee who organized and fed a room full of hungry people: led this time by Cindy Marshall, and helped by Shelly Davey, Katelynn Davey, and Sherri Fournier.

Thanks to our accompanist Heather for playing valiantly on the tiniest electric piano in the world (our real piano should arrive some time in November), and to SONG board member Susan King who arrived and pitched in to help set up tables and chairs, to board member Nicole Beatty who arrived like the cavalry to pay for pizza, and to Shannon who took pictures.

Thank you to our Cobourg volunteers who came and sang and played games with the children—you are an awesome group Denise Burnham, Maryliz Clark, Dawn Watters, and Janet Munroe.

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