On Sunday night the members of Safe Harbour came together to perform Fifth WindSONG, our second annual benefit coffee house and silent auction for SONG. The weather was perfect, the views spectacular, and the audience warm and generous. Platters of delicious desserts graced each table, and a wide array of silent auction items stimulated the competitive spirit in our audience and choir members alike.

The concert featured moving performances by Safe Harbour intermingled with solos and small group numbers by individual choir members and guest stars. From Puccini to James Taylor, the music was eclectic and exciting. One audience member raved “I never go out on Sunday nights…and if you have this concert on a Sunday next year, I will be here!”

We want to thank everyone who came together to make this evening such a joy and such a success, especially the Wiersmas for lending us the magical venue. Thanks to the hard work of many volunteers and the generosity of the audience, Fifth WindSONG raised $5,000 for the SONG program!