Are you familiar with Community-Supported Agriculture?

CSA is an alternative, locally-based model of agriculture and food distribution, in which a network of people have pledged to support one or more local farms, with growers and consumers sharing the risks and benefits of food production.

In a CSA, farmers are supported in good faith by a community that believes in their expertise and work ethic, and knows the reward for that faith will be great.

SONG received the same type of support early this season from the Rotary Club of Port Hope funded by the Burton and Helen Philp Trust. They looked at our professional experience, our exciting (but very short) track record, our passion, and that of the children we work with, and they put their faith in us. The result was an incredible $5,000 donation to help sustain and grow the Solid Ground music program through Year 2.

The 85 kids in the SONG Solid Ground music program will reap the reward of this generous gift, and the positive effect will ripple out into our community. We are so thankful that the Rotary Club of Port Hope can see the social potential in the SONG program, and we can’t wait to show them what Year 2 will bring!

Thank you!

– posted by Shannon