SONG had a magical fundraiser last Saturday evening; magical because it featured Canadian author Alison Wearing in a one-woman show called Confessions Of A Fairy’s Daughter. Magical because the show was held at Fifth Wind Farm, in Cold Springs, home of Joanna and Henry Wiersma. The Wiersmas built a dome that holds about 120 people. The family uses it for parties, workshops, music, and theatre—a small community space that is functional, artistic, and very funky. On a July evening with little twinkly Christmas lights, chandeliers, and stage lights, filled with audience, it was a magical space.

Fifth Wind Farm2
The view at Fifth Wind Farm
Fifth Wind Farm
The rain held off, just for us!

The evening began with Jarmo Jalava ( who happens to be married to Alison Wearing. Jarmo is an award winning ecologist who also happens to be an exceptional composer, guitarist, poet—he sang for us for about ¾ of an hour. His voice is rich and strong, lyrics are about community, love, family, beauty.  He was inspiring and entertaining.  

After Jarmo’s music, Alison Wearing performed her amazing one-woman show. Winner of so many awards, it was no surprise that Alison held the audience from the beginning to the end of the show. We were with her as she told about how it felt to be twelve years old when her father came out of the closet, the struggle of her family, and the eventual acceptance of family re-formed. Alison used a few props and costume so effectively to forward the action, She is charismatic, articulate, poetic, with a face as elastic as that of Jim Carrey. (

The entire evening was a great success and we raised over $2000 for SONG. Thank you to Joanna and Henry Wiersma for the use of their amazing property. Thanks also to Alison Wearing and Jarmo Jalava for offering their talents for this fund-raiser. We also made about $250 on baking, juice, tea, and coffee.

Thanks to Joanna and Henry, to all volunteers who baked, cleaned, helped set-up.

A small, artistically-satisfying fundraiser held on a lovely evening in July.


– posted by Marie