On April 13 SONG had the great pleasure of welcoming Digger MacDougall to our Spring Concert. Sing Canada Harmony had provided a scholarship of $350 to help pay for the accompanist for the concert, and Digger personally delivered the cheque. When he stood up and spoke to the SONG audience and performers, his enthusiasm for singing and his pride in seeing the children up on stage were more than evident. His words, and the support of Sing Canada Harmony, showed the kids in SONG the importance of what they are learning and achieving. They all stood a little taller after Digger spoke.

Sing Canada Harmony was one of SONG’s first supporters and continues to be one of our most committed. As we approach the end of our first year, we can look back and see the huge impact SCH has made. With their support we were able to purchase sheet music for our choirs – it seems like a small thing but music can cost $100 per piece! And then in April Sing Canada Harmony came through to help us put on a hugely successful Spring Concert.

We are very grateful for the support of this wonderful organization, whose mission to promote singing in Canada is so close to our hearts at SONG. Thank you again Sing Canada Harmony for seeing the potential in SONG and for helping us to make it a reality.

– posted by Shannon