We asked the kids of SONG to tell us their favourite things about the program, and here is what they told us.

#1 Aiden B“Song is osum”

#2Alyssa“I love singing.  Song is amazing!”

#3Amelia“We get to sing and dance and Shannon makes it fun.”

#4 Kaylee Gill“friends and fun”

#5 Serenity“It is awesome, I love to sing.  It is very, very fun!”

#6 Wyatt“I love it because we get free food and you teach us awesome things.  You are amazing.”

#7 Macey“Having fun. Singing with my friends.  The music. Just because it’s awesome.”

#8 Kira Schuller“You get to sing and dance, even drum! I love concerts!”

#9 Jade“It’s the best, you guys are the best.”

Last but not least, #10Brandon Howlett“We sing.”

– Posted by Shannon