SONG Delivers Its First Concert
Victoria Hall, Cobourg, ON
December 1, 2013

I love SONG

“I Loved All The Singing” was my favourite comment from a grade three boy about our concert on Sunday! I had classes with the students at Grant Sine on Monday, right after our Sunday evening concert. It was fun for SONG President Barb Henderson and me to spend time with the children talking about their experience of the concert.

By far their favourite song was Silent Night, followed by Gloria. The Gloria was a tag sung a cappella by all the children at the end of a beautiful rendition of Christmas Angel, sung by the Safe Harbour men. One little girl said that she liked Silent Night best because it made her mom cry. The children liked the pictures on the ceiling, one girl said she loved when everyone stood up at the end. They liked snowflakes on the walls, they liked when people clapped for them as they first entered on stage, some of them said “I loved it all”.

One little boy said ” I loved all the singing” (my favourite!). Someone else said they loved the violin playing because it was “beautiful sounding music”. One of the Junior members said her favourite moment was when a Safe Harbour member came up to her and said she was a very good singer. Many children said their favourite part was the pizza and cookies (homemade cookies by Starr Olsen and her family).

The children’s faces on Monday were happy and excited as they describe the experience of our first concert.

Thanks to all of the board for so much work in these busy weeks leading up to the concert. Thank you to Barb Henderson for being at every class session with snack and good will, to Rodger Henderson who made our beautiful yet economical programme, to Starr Olsen as concert organizer for efficient preparations and detailed notes for everyone, for organizing volunteers, food, drink, and movie for so many children, for overseeing all concert planning, and for baking cookies (?!). Thanks to Bridget Campion, Barb and Ron Swallow, and Mark Vining for front of house, to Susan King, Heather Stubbs, Denise Jagt and Sherri Meirson for marshalling everyone so effectively, to Joanna Wiersma and Nicole Beatty who took donations, to Don Meirson who helped with staging, decoration, food, and child supervision.

Thank you to volunteers who came out at the last minute, helping wherever needed through a long day of rehearsing, eating, and concertizing. Thank you to parents for bringing your children on time, and for coming to this first concert. Your support is crucial to our success.

We were thrilled to have happy children, proud parents, a full house, and lots of community support.  I am so glad to be here and part of this amazing SONG organization.

– Posted by Marie