This Wednesday marked a huge milestone for SONG – our students at Beatrice Strong PS enjoyed a highly successful first ever performance!  The school was kind enough to invite us to perform at their monthly student assembly, and I couldn’t think of a more appropriate venue for our first step up on stage.

The kids sang.  They danced.  We all giggled nervously, then smiled proudly.  The audience clapped and cheered.  Parents took photos and beamed from ear to ear.  Each and every student performed beyond my expectations, with shining eyes and strong voice.

I was more proud than I could  have imagined watching my students performing in front of an audience after only one month  of rehearsals.  I was inspired!

One of the pedagogical philosophies behind our program and other el Sistema programs is the belief that performance should be a regular part of the students’ learning experience.  Regular performance helps all musicians overcome stage fright and the nerves that can make all of our hearts want to beat right out of our chests.  With that in mind, we have programmed a steady stream of performances for SONG.  The next few are:

Open Rehearsal – November 7 at 7pm at Beatrice Strong Public School

Open Rehearsal – November 8 at 7pm at Grant Sine Public School

First Christmas Wishes – December 1 at 7pm at Victoria Hall in Cobourg
SONG’s Christmas concert featuring all the children enrolled in both locations

I can’t wait to once again witness the transformation on these kids’ faces at the next performance!

– Posted by Shannon