Our first week of rehearsals has come and gone, and I couldn’t have been happier with the sessions.  I was very nervous going into the school: what if no one registered?  What if they didn’t like the rehearsal?  What if there was a problem with some overlooked paperwork and we couldn’t use the space?  Freaking out a little, but SO excited, I entered Beatrice Strong Public School met up with Marie and Barb (our Board President and most die-hard volunteer) and made my way to our designated classroom.  30 bucket drums, 30 sets of drum sticks, a whack of music, half a bushel of apples, and a music stand in tow, here we were!

The next two hours went by in a blur of singing, stretching, yodeling, banging on bucket drums, hopping around the classroom, and lots of giggling and smiling.  I left that first day of rehearsals with a tired voice and an immense feeling of relief.  The group of kids was small but mighty – seven eager and energetic kids – and everyone had a great time.

On Thursday, Barb and I were greeted by 14 students; our numbers had doubled!  Word of mouth and a few gentle reminders over the school PA system had prompted the increase in numbers.  We are aiming to reach our capacity of 60 students at each school, but I am really enjoying the opportunity to get to know each student’s personality and learning style in a way that would be very difficult with a larger group.  The kids will keep enrolling, though, of that I’m sure.

A quick glance at the clock tells me that Marie is just this minute starting her first rehearsal with the students at Grant Sine Public School.  I know she will have lots to report, keep an eye out for her blog post later this week!

– Posted by Shannon