Starting a nonprofit is a great way to discover the kindness and philanthropy bubbling under the surface of any community. It is unbelievable to me that in the short months this project has been in existence, SONG has attracted a wonderful Board of Directors full of capable and generous people with no motive but to see this program succeed. Equally moving are the people who have donated their time and talents to helping us get off the ground. Kate Henderson LLP, for putting together our incorporation documents, John Holst Multimedia for designing our logo and the very webpage you’re looking at, and Canadian composer Sarah Quartel for granting us free access to one of her gorgeous pieces of music.

The beautiful truth is this: when we have asked for help, people have said yes. Everyone, unflinchingly, has been supportive in their way. And with each bit of assistance, however small, we are on our way to launching a program that I believe will improve the lives of everyone in Northumberland County.

I get to experience the joy of growing this program every day, the feeling of pride and excitement that mounts as we approach our September registration dates. It is a gift to have this opportunity, and it is only possible because our community has been so supportive and generous.

Thank you for believing in our vision and for helping us to make it a reality!

– Posted by Shannon